Friday, August 20, 2010

Shahid Hemmat's desire of martyrdom


Narrated by Ali-Akbar Hemmat, The father of Shahid Ebrahim

" I asked God, In Mecca, under the Gold Drain Pipe by the Kaaba, not to be captured as a detainee nor to be injured, I asked for only martyrdom." Said Ebrahim. His mother was impatient and would say: "Mama!what are you saying?why do you worry us?"
he would reply: " No Mother, death is the truth and we should all leave this world one day.".His words were still in my mind.

The other day Waliullah came to me and said:"Did you listen to the news in the afternoon?"

-"No, What's happened?" I asked.

-"Do you have any news from Ebrahim?"he asked.

-"No" I replied, "why are you asking?"
"They say he's been injured!" said he.
As he said "injured" , I knew he's been martyred. His words were still in my mind and I knew for the great sincerity he had, God would make his wish come true.

I went home and shared the news. His mother said broke into tears and said: "God gave him to us and He is taking him back after 29 years.'

-"Inna lillah wa inna elaihi raji'oon" (we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return) we all replied.

Allah bestowed decent children upon us, they are our pride and joy and we always thank Him for this great blessing.


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