Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crown or Saddle?

When the horse riders want to buy a mare, they make it run around and show herself off. The mare's reins are in the hand of a man who makes her walk around in a way which shows her beauty and power to run in the best way possible. Poor animal has no idea all she gets in return is just food and a place to rest, while the money goes for the man...

It is not only horses who are traded so. A young woman's value and personality is not more. When selecting Miss Universe, a woman is walked around in nightgowns and swimsuits and her reins are in the hands of beauty traders and businessmen who earn much more than merely a fame which won't last long.

These new goods have just missed a price tag, not that they are priceless but that they are too cheap to be given a price; for all that matters is the way they look or walk, what's in the head and heart does not count.

Although this is the nature of a man-horse relationship, it is by no means the nature of man-woman relationship.

The Choreographer (along with the organizers of the event) is basically the woman-rider, doing his best to impress the audience. I wonder why they don't get an "On-sale" banner instead of miss-anywhere one.

Ladies and Ladies!!May I have your attention please:

Based on Women's Human Rights defined by UN. Miss universe Organization is violating women's right :

Defining Gender-based Abuse

The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women is the first international human rights instrument to exclusively and explicitly address the issue of violence against women. It affirms that the phenomenon violates, impairs or nullifies women's human rights and their exercise of fundamental freedoms.

Physical, sexual and psychological violence that occurs within the general community, including rape; sexual abuse; sexual harassment and intimidation at work, in educational institutions and elsewhere; trafficking in women; and forced prostitution;

Where are the Human Rights Watch organizations?


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