Monday, September 20, 2010

Death of a facebook Addict

It was time to die. But I was so unwilling to go. The Angel of Death(P.B.U.H) came to me:

-hey!Setareh! It's time to go!
-Next world. That is the only place I can take people to.
-No, not now.
-you cannot decide on that.

- ok, let me upload a good-bye picture on facebook.

no, Internet connections are too slow in Iran, it will take too long.

-Ok, let me prepare an event on facebook to ask everyone recite Fatiha for me.
-No one will, they just click on accept and never do it.

-ok,then let me message all my friends and ask them to forgive me.

No, you are using proxies and it will fail, I know.

-Then let me update my status and say goodbye to my friends!

-Hmmm..what is the use of that?
-well...uh..they will cry.

-Cry?hehe so ?It doesn't help you in anyway plus I bet they won't.

-But maybe they will pray for me.

-MAYBE yes.

Then I smiled and said: "Can I???"

-Yes, go ahead.

I logged on, and checked the notifications, thinking The Angel of Death(P.B.U.H) wouldn't see it.

-you're cheating?It's your last moment of life!!! just making sure I will not lave anyone without an answer.

-Hurry up!
-ok, ok.

It took too long for facebook page to load up, but The Angel of Death(P.B.U.H) didn't nag at me. The after a few minutes he said: "OK, I think God has reconsidered your case, keep updating your facebook as much as you like"; But just to let you know you are the wiredest Muslima whose life I've tried to take. They usually ask for more time to repent and you still think of FACEBOOK.

I grinned widely and asked: " Is there facebook in the next world, too?"
He was already back to the Lord. It was too late.


it was an impressive text
but i think when we got the point we have to change.

good point there brother!Inshallah...

it's hard to decide
but i will post it to my blog

thanks and go aheade. What is difficult to decide?

sallam setareh! its mahsa haha i enjoyed reading this it was pretty funny but sad at the same time :P

Salaam my dearest Mahsa!

Thank you so much! Yeah sad and kinda alerting if just we open our eyes and accept the truth :)

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