Farewell in Tears (a poem)

Farewell in Tears

Your Love was a flame
Warming the winter of my heart
Nothing ever felt the same
Until we were apart

You stepped into a wilderness
All thirsty of love and passion
You brought in happiness
But left out of compassion

The burning blaze beats
In the hope of a rain
That heals and treats
The dolor and pain

Your kindness and mercy
Assured me of care
You never got to see
You left me in despair

Oh, my tears please!
Give me a break
Why won’t you ease?
A breath, I need to take

Where are the open arms?
To take hold of poor me
Loneliness hurts and harms
To death, that’s a key

Deep into the darkness
I see an array of light
Will a moment of happiness
Come into my sight?

I’m an injured warrior
Covered in love’s blood
To an unknown stranger
I may look like a bud

I sobbed and wept
All alone and lonely
All our secrets I kept
In a broken heart, forlornly

Farewell, farewell in tears
To a caring beloved
Someone who fears
And submits to God

by *Setareh*


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